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RoboLearning: Math Word Problems 1

4.2 ( 3112 ratings )
Розробник: David R Fox
1.99 USD

RoboLearning - A fun, interactive, talking robot provides an introduction to addition and subtraction word problems for early learners. This app helps children to practice both math and reading, as well as develop critical thinking skills.

Our goal is to provide students a fun environment to explore and practice problem solving. Students are always encouraged to try all problems, even the more difficult problems, without penalty or discomfort for providing incorrect answers.

Perfect for use during the summer for students to practice, reinforce, or even get a head start on skills learned in school.

+ 2 problem levels
+ Level 1 problems are all small numbers and single operation.
+ Level 2 problems may contain any combination of the following: extraneous data, larger numbers (<100), or multiple operations.
+ Addition and subtraction problems are intermixed to prevent solution by just glancing at the numbers.
+ Fun, interesting, and always changing problems cover a broad spectrum of topics including, practical, childhood experiences, friends, animal friends, and even a sleepy dragon.
+ Child friendly option settings are located on the robot, under a cool, sliding panel.
+ Dual volume sliders for voice and sound effects.
+ Selectable background scenes.
+ No ads, pop-up screens, or In-App purchases.
+ Privacy safe! No network connections required or used. No data is transmitted by this app.
+ No external links, messaging, or social media integration.
+ Animations, blinking lights, and robot sound effects and voice!
+ App is suitable for use in quiet environments.

Look for free content updates!

Note: Disable the screen rotation lock to allow for discovery of one of the robots interactions.